The Alarming: The Causes Of Global Warming

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The alarming issue for the world we live in today is global warming. Global warming means an ongoing increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere. It is generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by the greater levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants by human’s activities. The fluctuated climate of the earth is believed began ever since the industrial revolution happened. Global warming could do more than just melting the polar ice in the artic but it could change the earth’s maps and displace people from their places. The climate is changing rapidly and the earth is warming up. There are a lot of causes to drive the temperature up due to global warming. Human activities are the main cause leading to this problem. It is identified that the "human fingerprints" related with the changes of the climates. Today’s high temperature climate problem is mainly caused by humans putting too much carbon to the atmosphere, like when they choose to extract and burn coal, oil, and gas, or cutting down and burn the forests.…show more content…
Fossil fuels contain great percentages of carbon that includes coal, petroleum and natural gas. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources as it takes millions of years to form. The burning of fossil fuels produces tons of carbon dioxide per year. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. This causes the average surface temperature of the Earth to increase. The sheer number of automobiles on the road contributes to global warming. There are a lot of vehicles used on the road these days. These vehicles use fossil fuels like petrol and diesel where they are burned and emit carbon dioxide which pollutes the

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