The Importance Of Learning Insanity In Education

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Envision the classroom, the dreaded setting that we all find ourselves in everyday. This may be the scene that kids associate with their daily stress and anxiety. Most students are not fond of the classroom. People receive failing grades, are given strict deadlines, and are judged on their aptitude by their ability to take standardized tests. This is hardly an environment that encourages any amount of creativity within the students. The stress may prove too much for some individuals, leading to them dropping out, or flunking classes. With this ongoing trend in our schools, perhaps it is overdue to review and revise our education system for the future. America has had the same education system since the industrial age. It was built around the idea of turning out efficient factory and assembly line workers. This is apparent in how you are lined up neatly, told to raise your hand, and are given all assignments from your teacher. All these rules are very factory like. In a factory everything is organized precisely, you are to follow every rule, indisputably, and report…show more content…
In our schools a teacher will teach the exact same topic, in the exact same way, to completely different students, and expect the exact same results. That seems to be the very definition of insanity. All students have different learning preferences and some require specific tools or resources to achieve the same level of understanding on a subject as a student who only needs to be told. Schools do not have the time or resources to offer precise help to one student if the rest of the class moves on. In return that student is left behind while his class excels. The class can often only suit one set groups learning style, it can not manage to support visual, auditory, and hands on learners simultaneously. New schooling systems must review this issue and find an alternative to this

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