Standardisation In Coaching

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2.4.1 Professional Status of Coaches Debates with regard the standardisation within the coaching industry is a common theme that has emerged from the literature. There are concerns among coach researchers and coach practitioners that coaching is an unregulated sector and has a lack of standardisation in the processes and practices associated with coaching (Sherman & Freas, 2004). Seligman (2007, p. 266) agrees that the practice is without regulation and states “the right to call oneself a coach is unregulated”. There is no rigor with regard credentials, accreditation and certification. Even though professional federations such as the International Coach Federation exists with a mission to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession…show more content…
Work and research in ongoing to develop international standards for coaching. Very few studies consider what development is required by executive coaches (Haan 2008). Grant & Cavanagh (2006, p4) suggest that the industry need to address these issues and require at the minimum an empirically tested knowledge base, a wide skill set and barriers to entry. Literature reveals that there is a drive within the industry too and a call for standardisation of training, qualifications and…show more content…
The role is discussed further by McAdam (2010) and he looks personal qualities for the role being “humility” and “empathy”. He puts forward the premise that for a coach to really deliver they need to themselves and have undergone professional training which includes observation skills. Cox, Bachkirova & Clutterbuck (2010, p260) put forward the required skills and behaviours for the coaching role. Skills included “listening skills, analytical skills, interviewing skills, effective questioning techniques and observations skills”. Along with behaviours of “giving and receiving feedback and creating a supportive environment conductive to coaching”. Griffiths (2009) discuss how the coach has responsibilities and is required to hold the coachee accountable to learning and the application of learning through

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