Six Principles Of Confucianism

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Confucius, known as China’s most notable thinker, is remembered for his teachings. Although he never wrote anything down, his followers were the ones who made his teachings in a collection of writings, known as the Analects. The Analects are filled with the thoughts of Confucius and includes topics such as diverse marriage, music and death. His foundation established the values and ideals of a traditional Chinese society, which became known as Confucianism. Confucius’s philosophy is very powerful and is still referred to today in the lives of many. His philosophy explains that behavior determines the worth of an individual, not birth. Also included was the proper behavior of an individual in society. Confucius’s philosophy is something…show more content…
To my understanding, followers of Confucianism strive to achieve social harmony. These principles serve as guidelines to achieving that goal. The principle of Ren explains the compassion for others. It also goes along with one of Confucius ideas known as “filial piety”, which means respect for ones elders. I believe Ren is the most important principle because it serves the basics of a “good” individual. In todays’s times, people who are compassionate are known as role models because they prove to be a strong individual that can encourage others to do the same. By reading the ideas of Confucius, it is clear that he believes in humanism and how important it is for an individual experience it. Yi is another principle that explains honesty. When an individual is honest, he is trusted by many and remains true to ones self. The principle of Li explains the central concern in the Analects, known as proper conduct. Humans should construct themselves in a proper way socially. I believe Confucius made a very good point in this principle. An example is when you start to live on your own, you need to be able to behave correctly without having your parents supervision. Those who cannot achieve Li are usually categorized as immature or irresponsible. Another principle is Zhi which explains wisdom and knowledge. I think this was Confucius’s favorite principle. His ideas revolve greatly around the…show more content…
Centralized around proper conduct and behavior, it has served as a living guide for

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