Modern Corporation Case Study

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According to Chandler's definition, the Modern Corporation has two characteristics: one is that it has different management part; another is clear its internal level, the payroll management of different levels of corporate social responsibility of Modern Corporation [1] thoughts formed in early twentieth Century, on the one hand, with the development of society actively accelerated, the scale of the enterprise the expansion, the importance and power of the enterprise in the society, expanding corporate influence There was no parallel in history., rapid expansion, expansion makes people begin to require the company to undertake its power to match the power of social responsibility; on the other hand, the company with the management revolution…show more content…
This requires that moral hazard should be avoided in the course of business operation.. Managers should meet the expectations of shareholders' investment income through reasonable and reasonable way of operation Secondly, the shareholders have the right to supervise the enterprise operators and through the shareholders' meeting to participate in the corporate governance. This is the basic right of the shareholders. Although the shareholders of the company realize the true sense of management is difficult, but the shareholders of the corporate governance of this power is always…show more content…
To avoid the story of the lemon market, Akedof, the enterprise needs to be responsible for the consumer 3` government It is necessary to study the relationship between the social responsibility and the government, because the government is closely related to the interests of the enterprise.. Enterprises as the basic organizational form of the society, bear the heavy responsibility of promoting the social development, the business tax is an important income of government, government and reasonable use of fiscal revenue for social development and people's living standards improve, improve the investment environment. The progress of the society can promote the development of the enterprise, so this is a benign cycle of mutual aid process conclusion Overall, the benefits of social responsibility to avoid excess responsibility. Enterprises shoulder the important social responsibility for the development of the enterprise, more for the development of society, must pay attention to what responsibility, and through the reasonable way to take

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