Content Based Image Retrieval Case Study

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Semantic Gap Reduction in Content Based Image Retrieval- A Survey Nirali V Patel PG Scholar (IT), SVMIT Bharuch, India Ghanshyam I Prajapati Department of IT, SVMIT Bharuch, India Abstract— The explosive growth of image data leads to the need of research and development of image retrieval. Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is the approval image retrieval system by which the target image to be retrieved on the basis of useful features of the given image. So, in large collection, users of different domains face a problem of retrieving images relevant to the user query. To overcome this problem, different techniques are adopted. The significance of content based image retrieval system…show more content…
Efficient image and video retrieval tools are needed to hold such a large database. The efficient image retrieval and classification tools are needed by users from several domains like remote sensing, medicine, crime prevention etc. Therefore the need of efficient image retrieval tools to retrieve the images from large database is get an important part of the present time cutting edge technology. In text keyword establish approach first the images are manually annotated by a set of keywords, and then using these keywords the image retrieval is executed. There are two disadvantages with text based…show more content…
In CBIR systems, images are indexed by their visual content like color, texture, and shape in the form of feature vectors rather than a set of keywords. Some previously developed CBIR systems are QBIC [2], Photobook [3], and Virage [4], which stands for image contents as a function of attributes of image, like color, texture and shape. In such systems the retrieval is done by comparing the set of features of a query image with the set of features of the images in the database. The CBIR systems which use only low level features for image retrieval can be conceived as the computer centric systems. The performance of such system is not that much given satisfaction because of two basic

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