Essay On Person With Disability

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Person with disabilities are bound to suffer discrimination owing to society’s prejudice and bias towards them and more so due to society’s ignorance. At the same time , they often do not enjoy the same opportunity as the normal person enjoys because of the lack of access to essential services. Person with disabilities are in fact entitles to full range of human rights like any other section of the people. However person with disability suffer from relative ‘invisibility’ and are viewed as a subject of charity , protection and custodial care rather than ‘subject of rights’. An international level awareness pertaining to the rights of the person with disabilities started in 1969 with adopting of the Declaration on Social Progress and Development by UN General Assembly. Contemporary international thinking is of the view that disability is the result of interaction between societal barrier and impairment rather than a product of limitation imposed by a physical or mental impairment. Accordingly, disability policy of Belgium focuses on education , social integration , greater importance and independence of living condition of PWDs, whereas Spain concentrates on social integration through an action…show more content…
The United Nation has played a significant role in addressing the issue of all stakeholders from its inception. Many laws, instruments documenting rights and interest of specific people has been drafted and executed under the guidelines of UN till now. The UN has also taken serious and appreciable step in direction of bring forth , concretising and implementing the rights and interest of people with disability. With a view to assign the status of equality to the disabled and their proper placement in society . In july1965 the ECOSOC adopted a resolution on the Rehabilitation of Disabled Person and thus considered disabled not as an objects of charity but as a human being having some inherent
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