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With Her in Ourland: Race, Progress, and Nature With Her in Ourland, a continued work after Herland by Charlotte Gilman, constructs the story where Van, Terry, and Ellador come out of Herland and start various explorations around the world, ourland. However, different from the peaceful and unifying country of Herland, ourland is more violent and cruel, especially it is currently under the severe crisis of WWII. This military conflicts among European and Asian nations are basically derived from the disputes about the superiority of races and how it should lead to the domination for one race over another. Thus, after considerations, Van and Ellador decide a journey around the world in order to know more about the reasons for such disputes and discover the fundamental principles that govern and operate this outside world. Hoping to find…show more content…
It is impossible for Herlanders, such as Ellador, to accept the theory of German Nazi about holocaust as justified and beneficial, not only because of its severe and immoral damage upon the world population, but also such ideology suggests the lack of human self-awareness within the world of nature. The variations among humanity, in Ellador’s opinion, reminds humans about their own position and essence in the world of nature, like man and women are both humans, black and white are both colors. And nature cannot tolerate endless justifications of specific race for their wrongdoings when this race uses differences as an excuse. Thus, a bottom line, of nature friendly, to sustain human development needs to be derived and humanity also needs to understand the fundamental force of nature: it is the nature that facilitates those distinctions and variations among their own species, it has the capability to alter, adjust, or even extinct one

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