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CHAPTER 2 BACKGROUND THEORY 2.1 Introduction In this chapter we are going to discuss the background history of the hydraulic ram pump, the initial uses of it and the time from when it was used. We are also going to discuss why the ram pump is solution to preserving electricity. We will also mention the design aspects which makes the ram pump easy to maintain and simple to create for a household scale use. A hydraulic ram pump is a pressure pump primarily used to pump water in remote areas where a power source such as electricity or fuel is limited or unavailable. The pump operates on the flow at which the water falls and also the speed at which it falls. Factors that contribute to increased water flow is a larger diameter pipe and also the…show more content…
When availability of electricity was a problem in many parts of the world. The ramp pump was discovered which made it very easy for people to get water into their houses and to use it for farming, agriculture etc. The ram pumps used in those days were very different from what we are using today, ram pumps in its initial stage had very less working efficiency and the parts used to wear out very fast and didn’t last long. Although these pumps were still able to pump water to a greater distance and elevation required by the user. Although, with all its disadvantages the ram pump was a very reliable option for the people living in such areas as the benefits were greater. Which meant that the water supplied from the natural source to the destination could be used for many different operations and with very minimum requirement it was very cost effective. Although it was not very famous, because of which it was never used in many countries and villages. It was very popular in Europe but not so much in Asia and neighbouring continents where the shortage of electricity was an issue and still is a major issue to present…show more content…
Using an electrical water pump to pump water means there are a lot of moving components which will all obviously wear out over time. These parts will need replacement at one point of their life cycle. And these parts are very expensive to purchase and installation cannot be done by everyone. Therefore making it very high maintenance. 2.4 General Analysis From the background history and the recent developments we have analysed that the ram pump is something that has great use and potential in today’s world. Therefore we have taken up this project in order to simplify it for manufacturing reasons using materials that are easy to obtain and replace while deriving the maximum output and efficiency and also improving the waste gate water feature in order to recirculate the waste water back into the system. This has led us to the conclusion that the cost of the ram pumps available in the market for sale are very expensive to purchase and to maintenance and also the high cost of the materials means they are expensive to replace over the time when the parts wear out. Also the wastage of water in this wasn’t controlled, hence we decided to use very cost effective materials which will last long and are cheaper to maintain and also the waste water is fed back into the

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