The Importance Of Dance In Society

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In 2011, Canada’s Sun News Network corresponded a live interview with Margie Gillis. Gillis is a interpretive dancer and choreographer whose career spans for forty years. During the interview, financial conversations among Gillis and the journalist consists of, how the grants received by Gillis are used, who awards the grants, and why funding is needed. Also, topics of dance as an art form and dancer’s salaries were discussed. Throughout the interview, I saw some aspects of my own interpretations that were interesting to discover and bring into light. Some of the central points described in the interview pertained to public funding of dance and how dance is expressed through this funding. In Canada, funding from grants is awarded from peer groups to…show more content…
The journalist also didn’t want to understand the overlying aspects of dance. She does this through interrupting Gillis while she was speaking and using hand motions vastly to express her views of the topic at hand. The journalist also stated that she didn’t understand or know much about the arts, specifically dance. While stating this truth, we see in the interview that she doesn’t try to grasp the many aspects of dance due to her rude behavior and only demanding answers for funding. Throughout the interview, we see these aspects of differences of opinion between Gillis and the journalist that brought these topics into the discussion. Some of the ideas and opinions of Gillis described in the interview that I heard got me thinking about aspects of dance and some ideas that I thought were interesting. Gillis’s mission statement for her foundation described how dance helps “…endeavors for the sane”. This emphasizes how I feel about dance by expressing how dance is an art form of expression and a way to cope with the stresses of life. Through her mission statement, we can see how Gillis receives this emotional support from dance that I feel is a very important act of passion in dance. Also,

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