The Pros And Cons Of Domestic Violence

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difference, particularly in areas where arrest powers were emphasised (i.e in the Metropolitan Police) (Sheptycki, 1993). Although no new policies were advised of in this circular, it did prompt certain police forces to respond positively towards providing an improved service to domestic violence victims. For example, the Metropolitan Police in 1987 launched a force order encouraging the use of arrest and recommending a multi-agency approach in seeking solutions and initiatives to this form of violence. Similarly, police forces across London and other locations in the country had set up domestic violence units and adopted a multi-agency approach in order to try and improve the way in which cases of domestic violence were managed. Prior to…show more content…
Having been piloted in London and West Yorkshire, this circular marked the beginning of a transformation in the policing of domestic violence. It recommended that the police take a more interventionist approach in domestic violence cases with a strong favour towards arrest, that cases of domestic violence should be recorded and investigated in the same way as any other violent crime and from within specialised domestic violence units. Problems of “no-criming” domestic violence incidents were exposed as were attempts at reconciliation and interviewing the victim in front of the offender. Thus, officers were encouraged to record domestic violence crimes properly as they would any other crime. It also urged police to adopt a more sympathetic and understanding attitude towards victims of domestic violence. The circular raised awareness of other types of abuse domestic violence victims could suffer other than just physical (i.e. emotional,…show more content…
This circular was directed at the agencies who were seen to have some level of contact with people who both directly and indirectly experienced domestic violence. It outlined the need for the appropriate agencies to agree upon a definition of 'domestic violence' and to be aware of the level of this violence. With the different agencies working with their own respective models and paradigms of domestic violence this went to the heart of the problem of inter-agency co-operation. The circular, however, outlined how the Government expected the agencies to tackle the issues associated with domestic violence. It provides them with the Government's aims and objectives of how they and their respective forums should respond to the problems. The circular

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