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The 21st century is the age of technologies and globalizes market. The age in which innovations seeks to revolutionize the way of life. In the article “Hiding Behind the Screen” by Roger Scruton is negativity responding to the increasing reliance on social media to induce relationships due to the disadvantages that virtual relationship can derive one of compare to face-to-face contact. I believe there are disadvantages from one’s attachment to the web. However, the many beneficial that social media had provided had revolutionize many lives with its vast ability to redefine the definition of connection. Instead, Scruton claims that social media are preventing personal development through the continuing and increasing dependence for the public…show more content…
However, I challenge his reasoning and the evidences he had provided. He claims that the rapidity and the wide range of communications reduce many relationships into a callousness form and temporary form. This isn’t necessary true some have to rely on social media due to one’s physical limitations. Social media not only brings the world closer for everyone, but it also makes communication anywhere possible. Distance can be one of those tests that Scruton claims that social media’s friendship can’t last through, but the whole concept of social media not only terminate the restriction of society, but also physical barriers. Ultimately, how could social networks develop temporary relationships when through the capability of social networks many retain their relationships despite losing connections and physical closest due to uncontrollable circumstances? He proclaims the lost of “poignancy” from the rapidity contribute to the callousness nature of a relationship, but I believe that it is the rapidity that can bring about life changing events to be possible. Social media can inspire changes to be possible instantly; because the wide global connection connects millions even billions of individuals together and with this power along with the capability of getting information through nothing could be impossible with the power of the mass. It is that power which people can come together even more and not restrict oneself geographically. With the power of global connections rational ideas and culture exchange is made possible. If the rapidity of communications isn’t beneficial there wouldn’t be the need of its existence and without the motivation or demands the creation of social media wouldn’t even be possible, because innovations is sparked through the demands of the people. The power to change how one’s think

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