Social Issues In Democracy

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Introduction; Democracy in general terms is understood to be a form of government which is subject to popular sovereignty. One of the crowing glories of the democratic system is the freedom of expression and the space that is provided to views from different sections of the society. A democratic system can run to its utmost potential when there is wide participation on the part the general mass which is not possible without people getting informed about various issues. Participation in government polices and communication between persons is backbone of the democracy. Reliable information resources are an important constituent of any democratic society. Communication is seen as a fundamental social process, a basic human need, and the foundation…show more content…
In the new wired world, collections of widely scattered individuals with a common interest or a shared concern about a specific social issue quickly form and make their collective voice heard. Such communication could not have existed only a few years ago. Politicians and political parties are using new information and communications technologies to an unprecedented degree, as are citizens, with potentially profound impacts on democracy and representative institutions. Informed discourse is central to democratic government. Political candidates have populated these social sites in earnest and utilize these sites for collecting funds, disseminating messages, creating groups, and initiating collective activities. New technologies are often greeted with political optimism. The Internet was thought to herald new possibilities for political participation, if not direct democracy, even in large and complex societies, as electronic democracy might replace the mass-media democracy of sound-byte television. There are several types of social media and the social media can be characterized in different…show more content…
It also keeps the elected representatives accountable to those who elected them by highlighting whether they have fulfilled their wishes for which they were elected and whether they have stuck to their oaths of office. Social media to operate in an ideal democratic framework needs to be free from governmental and private control. It needs to have complete editorial independence to pursue public interests. There is also the necessity to create platforms for diverse mediums and credible voices for democracy to thrive. Democracy provides the space for alternative ideas to debate and arrive at conclusions for the betterment of society. Social media plays one of the crucial roles behind the formation of public opinion and provided tool for the establishment of democracy. The social media make it possible for everyone to provide the rest of the world with news by posting photos, videos and messages on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in only a couple of minutes after an incident occurred. Because these new media technologies make it possible for individuals to become sources of information online they can share opinions, give insights, describe experiences and share perspectives about the political affairs. The social media make ‘mass-self communication, in other words self-generated in content, self-directed in emission,

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