Power Of Social Media In Politics

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POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON POLITICAL PARTICIPATION AND DELIBERATION IN DEMOCRATIC STATES With the increased adoption and use of social media, it has found popularity in politics especially in terms of participation. Social media is now being used as a tool of enhancing political participation through political parties and politicians. According to Omede (2015 ; p. 276), political parties and their members currently utilize social media applications to rally, communicate, and interact with citizens to gather and illustrate concern for key issues influencing the general society. Most political organizations and candidates have realized the potential of social media as a tool for engaging and interacting with stakeholders especially the citizens.…show more content…
When issues of concern are raised, almost all people have different or similar opinions regarding the issue. Nonetheless, it comes to a time when the majority of the public adopts or supports a popular opinion. These opinions are shaped by the bits of information or views expressed across different media platforms. It is achieved when people can express their own views, access the views of others, and exchange their ideas(Kaul, n.d; p. 13). To achieve public opinion, a public platform suitable for converging and sharing information is necessary. This is where social media comes in as it offers increased capabilities for developing public opinion. Social media allows people to interact in real-time developing instant opinions with abilities to offer feedback or discussions on a pressing issue. It also offers a wide pool of participants in building public opinion instead of other traditional forms that expressed the opinions of just a few people. Furthermore, social media has the ability to pull people with mutual interests together into a social movement or group. The same applies in public opinion as social media can help bring together people with the same opinion. This enables the largest or most popular opinion to draw attention as a public opinion or what most of the public feels about an issue. The importance of public opinion is in ensuring a balance in the democratic process. Without, public opinion, democracy would not understand what its people want and require. Having public opinion drives effective, efficient, and intelligent decision and policy making processes (Coronel, 2003; p. 5). Moreover, it helps as a watchdog allowing people to scrutinize and challenge the actions

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