Banning Should Be Banned In Literature

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Uncanny and Disturbing Literature to Review Introduction: The importance of encouraging students in all levels of education, and or any other persons who interest in learning of various themes and topics in our everyday life, through literature. There are so many cases on which some persons with personal issues: moral , religious, patriotic, sexual, etc. . People with these kind of issues are mostly like to participate in banning literature that they found in their own opinion inconceivable or life-threatening in some way, so having an open mind and learning to respect different ideologies is the main point . “Parent discretion advised “, in certain ages, the child or teenager is almost inevitable to have them in home or at schools supervised 24/7. Banned book: The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. What this book topic informs, in general is about medical history, it was banned in Tennessee by a parent, acclaiming that the book has pornographic pornographic, because of some of the medical terminology in it, referring to female sexual organs such as the vagina, and some graphics in it. The relevance in all the information documented is how the human cells were cultivated and reproduced for the first time in vitro, that and became from…show more content…
Kinsey. In this literature most documents about the sexuality in the human male, explains all the sexual changes that happen through men during different stages of life, and how the culture, social religious sexual orientations, and the environmental issues in their life can affect sexuality in men, basically the medical issues that occur physiologically anatomically everything that involves sexuality in human males .Some type of public cannot stand reading medical terminology or the graphic material that involves sexual organs and sexual content in a biological and physiological way, it may be not for all types of public to see or

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