Eating Meat Is Ethical

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Nature’s life cycle depicts how animals and humans consume other species in order to survive. However, the issue about whether or not the consumption of meat is ethical has risen. Based on one’s belief and upbringing, one may believe that eating meat is unethical, meanwhile others can choose to live a life where they consume meat at an amount that isn't too excessive which can be detrimental to their health. Ultimately, people have the decision to choose if they want to include meat in their diets. Consuming meat is ethical as long as one is aware of the efforts put into collecting food, also when one has an understanding where their livestock is coming from. Having awareness is important because it creates a sense of consciousness on produce’s…show more content…
These people that considered themselves vegetarian and vegan strongly believe that killing animals is unethical because of the pain that the animals have to endure. However, these people who refuse to eat meat are unaware that there are animals being harmed during the process of harvesting crops. For instance, in Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable Miracle,” she describes of how the harvest of crops kills animals as well, both directly and indirectly (Source B). To prevent crops from being destroyed by insects, they are sprayed with pesticides, these toxic gases are harmful to other animals such as birds, which are killed approximately 67 million a year. Likewise, machines used to harvest these crops, like the sickle mower, harm the environment of small animals such as rabbits and foxes by demolishing their homes, causing a disturbance in their way of life. Therefore, regardless of how others attempt to avoid the process of killing animals it is inevitable. There are certain animals that are meant to be killed, animals that are raised to be livestock, serving as the meat that people are able to consume. While other types of animals are meant to roam free in the wild. People are not killing animals mindlessly, they are aware of the consequences. Overall, each and every person ultimately has the choice to decide whether they want to consume meat or not. The consumption of meat is ethical if one understands the meat process and do not take it for granted. There is a system that people must follow to create a balance in the food chain and sustain the order of eating

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