Curcumin Lab Report

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ABSTRACT Curcumin is polyphenol product collected from the ground rhizomes of Curcuma Longa,which are commonly known as Turmeric.curcumin has been procured by solevent extraction of turmeric and the purification of the extract by crystallization method.In traditional turmeric is used as colouring foods and textiles.Colouring principles are present intensity of 3-5 percent in turmeric and less amount of oils and resins ,proteins ,sugars may be naturally present in turmeric.Curcumin is an oil pigment and volatile oils like ,tumerone and zingiberone,practically which are in soluble in water at acidic and neutral pH.,and freely soluble in alkali.It is stable in acids and at high temperatures,but unstable in presence of light and in alkaline…show more content…
It is non-toxic and has variety of therapeutic properties including Anti-inlammatory Effect, Analgesic Effect, Antiseptic Activity,Hepatoprotective Effects, Anticarcinogenic Effects,Cardiovascular Effects and Antimicrobial Effect.Recently Study show that curcumin has Anticancer Activity and Antiproliferative effects in multiple cancer and also show effect in cell adhesion molecules involved in tumor growth angiogenesis…show more content…
Skin Diseases : From traditional times Curcumin is more effective in the cure of skin diseases and like diseases Psriasis,carcinogenesis,dermatitis and scheroderma.Many studies and report show that curcumin in more effective in Woundhealing And Play vital role in muscle regeneration in trauma and accident. Anticancer Property : Recently studies suggest that curcumin is very potentianal in anticancer .It has been inhibit the transformation tumor promotion, angiogenesis,invasion, tumor promotion and metastasis.Curcumin has been shown to control the wide variety of tumour cell like B-cell and T-cell,colon delivery,breast cancer ,neck and head cancer,Laukemia by differenet Mechanisam of action inlcuding Protein Kinase,gene expression,Transcription factors,Enzymes and other some

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