The Importance Of Recruitment

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Armstrong (2006), defines Recruitment as the process used to find and engage people needed by organizations, he describes selection as an important component of the recruitment process as it deals with deciding who should be picked as the best candidate for the job. Recruitment and selection is important to any organization as it one way of accomplishing the organizations goals, this is only possible when the right people are hired. Selection is done by assessing data collected from applications received and may include level of education, experience, skills and competences and matching them against the job requirements. This is done with a focus on the job and the candidate. Selection process however, as outlined in the ACCA (2013), is aimed…show more content…
These may be given as typing tests or competence tests 1. Typing tests: these are administered to candidates to test their typing speed and accuracy to ensure the person to be selected has the required skills. The test will show how many mistakes have been made, time will tick as one types and when its time up, it will stop counting even if the person is still typing. The total speed and accuracy results will be displayed instantly. 2. Competence tests/interviews: these are in form of situational judgment test, the aim is to see how a candidate is able to handle different situations. For example, a candidate who is being considered for a customer service position is required to demonstrate how they can handle an irate customer. This gives the selection panel more detail on the person they are about to hire and relate to the job requirement. This is usually based on a candidates past…show more content…
For this reason, the organization through its Human resource department tries at all costs to reduce on poor selection processes as this is a cost to the organization. After conduction all the mentioned steps, the interviewing panel sits down and assess the candidates using an assessment form that is prepared and given to each interviewer on the panel, the marks from all the tests conducted are then tallied to pick the best candidate for the job. When this has been done, the chosen candidate will then be called and offered the position, the candidate will have to write a letter accepting the job. Before the candidate can report, he/ she will need to go through medical tests, go to the police for clearance and thumb prints have to be presented to Human Resource Department. The validity and reliability of Zamtels selection process can be seen

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