The Importance Of Environmental Rights

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Environmental Rights have been treated unfairly and forgotten for centuries, and many think it's time we bring it back to our nation’s attention. Over the years, loopholes have been found around Environmental Rights and many people avoid treating the real problems, which instead lead to neglection of one of the core pieces of the nation. Many people of our nation beg to differ and want to take care of the problems, such as the neglection. Environmental Rights have been written in the Constitution in multiple forms and it's given written rights throughout the Constitution. To help us understand and cope with the justice of the Constitution of the Environmental Rights, and the sustainable development. Environmental Rights have been written…show more content…
This means that all through the Environment has been neglected for centuries. It shows that no matter what we have to defend it. Because if we lose the environment, we lose our home. Quote two, “It triggers the need for a new generation of the environmental legislation”. This also relates to “Hundreds of pages would be needed to mention all the precedents”. The two quotes relate to each other because the first quote is talking about how the people of the nation want to change and take care of the problems. One of the problems is environmental legislation. Quote three supports this because it mentions how it would go on for days to mention all of the precedents of the…show more content…
Author Elizabeth Maruma Mrema a writer of Environmental Rights, wrote the article “Access to Justice and Sustainable Development - How Can Environmental Access Rights Achieve Sustainable Development for All?” The access to justice as part of Environmental Access Rights. Is important because it establishes that justice plays a big role in Environmental Rights, and the safety of it. “Ability of groups and individuals to be able to bring an alleged violation [of environmental rights] to the attention of a court and to have that court adjudicates the claim in a fair and impartial fashion on the basis of the evidence and according to the applicable rules of law”. This goes to show that justice have/has been playing a major role in the Environmental Laws. Environmental Rights are Human Rights too. This means that the environment is our home and all of us as a whole, have to take care of our home. Rooted in human rights this ability serves the purpose of empowering people to advance the fulfilment of substantive rights - fundamental rights necessary to ensure human dignity, such as the right to life, health, food and safe drinking

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