The Importance Of Sorority Recruitment

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That one time that my own identity, mainly my ethnicity, was challenged, was during the infamous 2014 sorority recruitment, on the third night of chapter round. I came into the room as a favored PNM to my preferred sorority, and was immediately paired up with the beautiful DZ vice president for a chat. I’ve spoken to her during all of the previous rounds as well, but this round had to be on a more intimate level, beyond the topics of majors and dorms. So, we started sharing stories of our summer spent with families, she told of how she visited her grandparents in Florida that summer, and I told her of my spontaneous 9 hour flight trip to visit my grandparents in Lithuania. When that sentence rolled out of my mouth she looked at me with confusion and awe, and only managed…show more content…
I spoke with no accent because I lived in the U.S since I was a toddler, I dressed like the basic American girl head to toe in Lulu, Tory Burch, and Micheal Kors, so how was she supposed to know? What really got me though was her asking me if I knew what Greek life was all about, because she knew that European University cultures have never even heard of the term. Being an Americanized Lithuania, I was left a bit shocked that even after I clearly voiced that I’ve lived in the U.S basically my entire life, she still associated me with being clueless about the meaning and purpose of college Greek life. Ever since this identity challenging situation, I now more so notice how telling people my place of birth instantly makes them ask me or allows them more thoroughly explain American ways, regardless of they're knowing that the United States is the only place I know and call home for 16 years now. I notice that ever since I started to notice this of my questioned identity, I sometimes either subconsciously fail to or simply do not want to mention that my place of birth was in a different

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