MV Miraj-4 Case Study

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The culprits of ships in the middle of the sea include high waves, strong wind and heavy downpour of rain, especially when there is a storm. Heavy storm cannot just wreck small and big ships but it can also destroy lives of crew and other seamen as well. It can also cause damage to nature, particularly water pollution. Many ships in all sizes have experienced accidents during storm. Some accidents caused damages in ships and casualties. Some accidents resulted to damage of nature, shipwreck and death. The same culprits in the MV Miraj-4 a passenger ship carrying many people over 150 to 200 on May 15, 2014 around 8:40 am in Meghna River during the height storm. The incident happened because of bad weather condition and strong winds and big waves that capsize the MV Miraj-4 During the storm the MV Miraj-4 began to pitch heavily and the propeller came out of the water causing the engine to shutdown.The MV Miraj-4’s engine was restarted during the storm the vessel began to drift towards shallow water because of the heavy storm.The storm unleashed…show more content…
In order to overcome those struggles and problems that occur during our navigation, all crew must cooperate and help each other. Good communication among other members of the crew is a major key in order to have a safe navigation. One should have each other’s back in times of trouble. Every seamen should work as a team. Officers of the watch should have proper sleep and proper rest before their duties. They should be always active and alert during their duties. They should not sleep during their duties and they should not leave the bridge during their duties. The safety and security of the ship is in their hands, that is why it is important that they should take their tasks seriously. When visibility was reduced and the waves is big, the officer of the watch should report to the master because he is the who is in charge for the safe operation of the

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