Honor Thy Father Reflection

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Honor Thy Father was released last Christmas season and also a part of MMFF 2015 that is directed by Erik Matti. It succeeded in doing a great film that confronts about family, religion, greed, violence and sacrificing for the sake of the family. Honor thy father is typical movie that you can relate a real life situation and issues in our country today. The plot is very different from the other movies that are mostly RomCom, Comedy, and Horror. The movie is not just a fictional tale but a great representation of our society and serves as an eye opener to people who are not aware of what’s going on. What’s unique about this movie is that there is no good human. The movie reflects that money runs the people. It also conveys that no…show more content…
e) When Edgar will now give the money and he saw his wife full of bruises made by the barbarous couple. His wife died in their way to Edgar’s place. f) When Edgar (John Lloyd Cruz) shave his hair to give sympathy for her daughter. This scene was gave me goose bumps to John Lloyd. He was so great in this film; this is far different from his other movies. g) Mothers Love. Even though you commit many mistakes, you will always be forgiven and accepted by your mother. h) Unity of the family. Edgar wasn’t able to visit her family since he got married, but when he seeks help from his family they help him without hesitation. i) Lastly, the sacrifices Edgar went through for his family. In which he even sacrifice his freedom for the sake of his family. If we will look at the point of view of Edgar, he is a good Son, husband and a father. Another reason why I liked the film is because of its unpredictability. No one knows what will happen eventually because every scene seems to be made to surprise and to give its audience a thrilling experience. The film has shown the reality about the love among family members, the brutality of the people around you, the criminal minds, the poverty, and the facts regarding our different religions. John Lloyd Cruz played the role of “Edgar” or “Egay” who’s a father, a husband, a brother, and a son. It was just astonishing how serious and desperate he had been…show more content…
After all, kudos to the production team and to the actors for a job well done. The movie was worth

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