The Importance Of Recruitment And Selection

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Recruitment and Selection are the two most important functions of Human Resource Management. We can say recruitment precedes selection. It includes finding potential employees and attracting them to apply for the job in an organization. Selection is the process of finding out the most suitable candidate for the job. Recruitment is the first stage in the process which continues with selection and ends with the placement of candidate. We can also say that Recruitment is a positive term whereas Selection is a negative one because in Recruitment we attract potential candidates whereas in Selection we only choose few candidates out of the pool of candidates that we have generated hence rejecting the other candidates. A review of Social Media and…show more content…
So, it is important to ascertain the role cultural differences play in the area of recruitment, if any. Ma & Allen (2009) did a conceptual research, which explores how cultural values influence the effectiveness of recruitment practices in different cultural contexts. In today’s business environment one of the popular sources of hiring people is the ‘word of mouth’ which significantly affects the behavioral and perceptual outcomes of the decisions taken to hire right people. This phenomenon was studied by Van Hoye and Livens (2009) sample of potential applicants, targeted by the Belgian Defense. They found that having positive information regarding potential talent through the word-of-mouth early in the recruitment process was significantly correlated with the perceptual (organizational attractiveness) and behavioral outcomes (actual application…show more content…
(2001) was to attempt to investigate how the employers' recruitment strategies change in response to different conditions on the relevant regional labor market. Their empirical findings show that the hiring of unemployed candidates and the use of the public employment service and the events which are more likely to happen in a slack regional labor market. On the basis of their results they concluded that the use of advertisements and the hiring of already-employed job seekers are more likely to occur in the presence of excess demand on the relevant regional labor market. So recruitment and selection is the major part of every organization. It has been regarded as the most important function of personnel administration because unless the right type of people are hired even the best plans made for the and the organization charts and control system would not do so much good. So recruitment and selection plays an important role in every organization The use of social media in the recruitment and selection process is that- As a marketing tool, Nigel Wright Recruitment (2011) argues that the "passive approach is on its way out”. Early moves into online recruitment were initially the virtual equivalent of a traditional ‘jobs board’ that might publicizes vacancies in the employment offices or

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