Musical Influence On French Music

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Musical influence of French Colonies in French Music Molly Daniel Geog 4640- Population Geography France, one of the world’s superpowers that have been able to influence some global debates and discussions that ranges from several aspects of life. The aspects include social, economic, political and environmental aspects of a human relationship with each other and nature. One of the paramount aspects of human living that has been influenced by France is music. Music from this nation has been able to portray an array of music. Almost every genre of music can in one way or the other be traced somewhere in France. The nation has boasted of producing music genres that range from classical music; a bit of the flamenco dance that is common…show more content…
The Britons and the British took a large share when the scramble and partition of Africa took place in the hands of European super powers. Some nation such as Belgium and Italy took small regions. The French activities were widely spread in West Africa, and this has affected political and economical status of the nation, but also the music played in those nations. Africa colonization by French mainly affected industries, but it had an unappreciated bit of music in France. The French in Africa were well known for their assimilation policy, meaning when the French colonized, they made the colonists identify as “French” rather than “African-French”. Having taken much of the West African nations, France enjoyed the control of rich, fertile soils in the region which were favorable for agricultural use. They also enjoyed good climate conditions from the equatorial region and trading points from the northern people were in West Africa thus French was able to control almost everything. There are some leaders who collaborated with them, but there is who resisted their rule for so…show more content…
Classical Examples of such instruments include Kora and balafon. There are some drums that have found their roots in Africa, and also the same drums have also been found in Caribbean music. These drums have been adapted to French hip-hop by musicians (Persley, 2014). An example is the djembe drum from Senegal; Senegal was a French colony, and it is in this way that the French learned about the djembe drums. Though French hip-hop is highly influenced by the American hip-hop, it still has some inevitable roots in Africa (Profant,

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