Reflection On Group Assignment

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Over the past few week, I worked with my classmates on our first assignment. The purpose of this report is to reflect my own experience on our group assignment, in relation to the formation of our group, organization of work and how we managed to work together. Our group had eight members and we were formed to complete an assignment in the subject “Marketing for Dynamic Business Environments”. Our task was to analyze and compare the marketing mix strategies of two particular businesses, and in our case, we chose Adidas and Nike. The first stage is the Group Formation. The teacher gave us some time to form our group and select our group members. At the beginning, our group had only five members, and then two more members were added to the group. At that time, we were not familiar to each other so we spent a few minutes to introduce ourselves. After that, we decided to choose a person to lead the group effectively, then we took contact numbers of each other to easily discuss the work. We also…show more content…
We had collected information from a variety of appropriate sources that is relevant to our topic. Then we designed our presentation based on theories and research. But there were some problems among our group members. There were people who didn’t participate at all, and other people had to cover their parts. There were also some arguments among the members about the content of the assignment. We all lacked of communication with each other. This was clearly shown during the mock presentation when the PowerPoint slides were out of since with what everybody was saying. We were not entirely sure about when to move to the next slide. We did not rehearse the presentation enough, so some of us did not know what we were supposed to say, we ran out of time at the end, and our work did not seem very professional. This was very disappointing, because one member in our group had suggested a rehearsal, but we did not had time for
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