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I cannot say that this experience turned out to be a walk in the park. The recruitment sector seems to be highly contemptuous. I experienced it through the management style and the relationships between colleagues and toward candidates. The “no excuses” company spirit leads the recruiters to always question themselves. It may be encouraging and valorising in small doses but it also induces a lot of pressure and nonsense for rookies. If interns fail or do not reach targets, they have to explain why and finding reasons why they are not a super recruiter yet. This was my wallpaper during 4 months, chosen by my manager. During interviews, the manager sells an adapted training for every intern to end up in reality with a “learning by doing” policy.…show more content…
What the company has brought me I really appreciated witnessing the manager change, which has enabled me to experience a transition period and a time of crisis within a company. I have learnt that a management style might completely change the employee’s motivation and self-esteem. I had the opportunity to study team management and the necessity to trust your employees and managers. With the benefit of hindsight, I think that if I had experienced Dublin’s management style from the beginning, I would had been more at ease, because this organisation style seems more logical to me and more adapted to what I appreciate. Approach People Recruitment has enabled me to work with some of the most famous worldwide companies and to discover the hidden aspects of recruitment in various sectors. The variety of sectors, candidates, jobs and companies I worked with has been a cultural enrichment. I have met great candidates and have spoken with hundreds of persons from different backgrounds, which was really interesting. Experiencing a workplace with colleagues working abroad, that I have never seen, was quite strange but has showed me that even if a company is split between several countries, communication and work mutualisation is…show more content…
Why is the MIC-AI a great Master’s degree for modern recruitment agencies? Thanks to the plurality of subjects adapted to companies, the Intercultural Management and International Business Master’s degree offers adaptation skills to its students. With subjects covering supply chain, economics, professional languages, human resources and project management, the students are ready to melt in the professional world and to cover several special areas of recruitment agencies quickly. Supply chain skills are useful to exchange with Supply Chain Directors for a reference check, for example. The high level of languages reached by the students at the end of the Master’s degree is also very valuable for these companies, especially when they work with European companies that often need candidates speaking English, German or French. The rare language option might be useful for languages check with candidates, for example when a candidate is supposed to speak Mandarin or Russian, which happens quite often in the luxury sector. The intercultural skills learnt throughout the master’s degree is very useful, it helps to apprehend candidates from various horizons and to analyse some behaviours much easier. Modern recruitment agencies often hire multinational teams, therefore MIC-AI’s experience allows student to fit more easily within

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