The Importance Of Self-Active Learning

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The reading this week from the Mision to Learn blog introduced this quote by Malcom Knowles "The “why” of self-directed learning is survival—your own survival as an individual,and also the survival of the human race. Clearly, we are not talking here about something that would be nice or desirable….We are talking about a basic human competence—the ability to learn on one’s own—that has suddenly become a prerequisite for living in this new world."– Malcom Knowles, 1975" Another way of saying this is found in the same article, "the successful self-directed learner simply likes to learn"(Cobb, 2018). Some of the attributes that will help one become a self-directed learner were outlined in Mission to Learn's article, "5 Lifelong Learning…show more content…
In summary we learned self-directed learning, active and passive learning and how to determine our extrinsic and intrinsic motivators through the Self Determination theory. (Ryan & Deci,…show more content…
The latter is the intrinsic motivation that will dictate my success or failure at this attempt of getting a degree. While the degree itself is extrinsict motivation for most, it isn’t really going to substantially improve my career path at this age but it will help me overcome a longtime sense of failure and a sense of disappointing my late father. When I examine my weaknesses the two things that come to mind are first, time management and a propensity for procrastination. Secondly, I am challenged by my ability and adaptability to change. Quite simply, the education process in a connected world and distance or e-learning is vastly different than my last university experience. The intensity of the courses seems to exceed what I have exerienced at the junior college level in the past as well. I need to keep check of my emotions when I feel a sense of frustration with technology or research strategy or even the change to APA format. This is a self-improvement that may be the most useful thing to come out of the UoPeople program

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