The Importance Of Bathing Your Pet

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Bathing Your Pet! Bath Time Need Not Turn Into An Imposition! As far as dogs are concerned, you will need to bathe the animal every one to three months, depending on the breed, you pet's skin condition, how much time he spends outdoors and the age of the animal. Of course, you could also turn bathing into a monthly or weekly ritual for your pet. Regardless of the time spent in between baths, this is how you go about giving your pooch that much needed shower. Preparation is the key to success: Even if your pet does not hate the idea of being bathed, it would still be prudent to start with all the supplies within arm's reach. This includes the shampoo, the conditioner, the hose, the towels, a plastic pitcher and the non-slip mat that goes in the bath tub.…show more content…
After wiping, dry the area thoroughly before taking the dog out of the bathroom. Pups are notoriously goofy at bath time and just getting them to stay in the tub can prove to be a daunting task. The simplest way to hold their attention is to put a floating toy in the bath tub. This will keep the little fella entertained and you will be able to go about your business. Whether you are bathing a puppy, an adult dog, a cat or a bunny, it is imperative to choose bath products made for the specific breed and animal type. Under no circumstances should you use human products. If you find yourself in a jam and cannot get shampoos that are meant for cats and dogs, just once or twice, you can make do with "no tears" baby shampoo, but do not make a habit out of this. Often, human shampoos contain fragrances and colors that cause skin allergies in animals. Also, these formulations are harsh on their eyes. Even plain water may make your pet's eyes smarten; in this case, you administer sterile, lubricant eye drops before starting. Bathing your

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