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Pitiful Patriots One of the most challenging issues in the United States is the appreciation of military personnel, specifically combat veterans. Although towards the 21st Century, more and more programs are acknowledging the importance of the military in our nation. However, the comparison between animal deaths and human deaths is irrational. In the graphic novel, WE3 by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely, conveys the sympathetic views of people towards innocent animals. Grant Morrison somewhat utilizes innocent animals to convey innocent military combatants who take action because it is their obligation. In the graphic novel WE3, three house pets, a dog, a cat, and a rabbit are finding their way back home after being controlled…show more content…
As a universal law in human society, some would argue that in a black and white situation, a person’s life is valued higher than an animal. House pets on the other hand, are somewhat on the same level as a human’s life because of the idea of house pets becoming a family. As a result, WE3 remarkably grasps the reader’s emotions and establishes sensitivity towards the military combatants. Although a human’s life is valued higher than an animal’s life, the concept of innocence in the graphic novel emphasizes the metaphor. Grant Morrison desires the reader to feel sympathy towards military combatants. In order to achieve it, he utilizes animals because human beings view animals as innocent. One would argue that since animals are innocent, their death in the graphic novel is more sympathetic because they did not choose to be combatants. On the other hand, people who join the military are unappreciated because they signed up and knew the consequences of signing up. In other words, if human beings were the characters in WE3, they must have a sympathetic reason of joining the military. Innocence is a value that people highly prioritizes. For example, a death of a child is a lot worse than a death of a man because a child is innocent compared to a man. Therefore, Grant Morrison employs animals in order to grasp the readers to feel sympathetic towards military

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