Value Of American Culture Essay

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In western civilization, also known as the Americas, Americans typically value personal success, equality and religion among other non-tangible things we hold important. We tend to place great emphasis on our own individual success so much so that at times, we neglect the well being of others in our culture. Asian cultures, on the other hand emphasize the importance of an individual being apart of a much larger group such as a family and place considerable amount of importance on the well being of the group even at the expense of the individual. All the non-tangible things that we hold important to us bring into existence our personal values. Our values are produced from our culture. Culture and value are intertwined terms that coexist and derive from one another. “The question of what culture is has been debated among anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists for decades, and there is no single consensual answer that applies to all fields.” (Heine 2012: 3) Many people define culture as the shared belief system and behavior of a group of people based on their values. Cultures vary from different regions around the world however all cultures share a common component and that is our behavior, way of thinking and traditions are typically passed down from generation to…show more content…
To the average American man, whom eats over 50 pounds of beef each year, this seems almost insane. Most American adults would not hesitate if they were a little hungry, let alone starving for weeks. If you have been hungry for months, then you should eat the cow. To understand the cultural values of the Hindu’s is to understand their reasoning for not simply eating the cow. The Hindus, who make up over 80% of India's population, believe that cows are sacred and should not be

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