Essay About Becoming A Teacher

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Many people joke about others becoming teachers, saying they only chose educating as an occupation for three reasons, June, July and August. These people do not realise how difficult of a job it actually is. I commend those who have the patience and mind frame to become a teacher as I believe it is one of the toughest jobs in the country. There is so much involved in becoming a teacher. Teachers have to be exceptionally good at the core subjects such as English, Irish and Maths and also be capable of teaching many other subjects such as physical education, art and music. Teaching so many subjects would be next to impossible without the aid of a lesson plan. A baker wouldn’t make a cake without flour and eggs, so why would a teacher educate a classroom full of children without a lesson plan? Although lesson planning plays a big part in becoming a primary school or…show more content…
Because they have so many years of experience they do not believe they need to go through the hassle of writing up a lesson plan. This is not good practice. The majority of good educators know how important and useful lesson planning is so they continue to do so through-out the duration of their teaching career .Students don’t realise the effort their teachers go through to ensure that their pupils needs are taken care of and how devoted they are to their jobs. Planning lessons shows that you are fully committed and shows your competence. It also helps you steer your class in the right direction. It is very easy to go off topic but by sticking to a lesson plan should help prevent this from happening. Lesson planning helps give you an insight into what you might teach in the future. It also gives your style of teaching a steady movement and stops you from questioning yourself. By educators using a lesson plan effectively, it gives them a new found confidence in
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