Importance Of Polymers In Daily Life

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Human life pass different era, some of scientists call this era as polymers era consider to its usage in our daily life and it is importance. A polymer has so many properties which are make it suitable to use it in our daily life. But the most common types which is can be daily usage polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, Polycarbonate and Polystyrene …..? 1. many of the products in cooking industry are made up from polymers such as cookware, cookware is one of the most important things in our daily and it is made up from type of polymer which is known as PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene this type of polymers has a properties which is make it comfortable to use it in cookware such as nonflammable, resist high temperature and corrosion…show more content…
Another type of polymers which we use it in our daily life is PET (polyethylene terephthalate) this type of polymer is seems to be the most usage and command type in our daily life such as bottles. Bottles are mostly made up from PET polymers because this type of polymer it can be recycling easy and it has properties to reshape. 3.Polycarbonate is another type of polymer that people can use it on their daily life like glasses, glasses are made up from Polycarbonate which it has properties to impact resistant at the same time its light and thin so its ever comfortable to use is in glasses 4. Polystyrene is one of daily usage polymer, this type of polymer it is insulator of heat so it can but at the same time it can resist high temperature, this type of polymer it's often used in food containers and plastic cup coz it is insulator of heat. Polymers also have important role in construction industry and there is many type of it such as Polyisobutene, Polyvinylchloride and Polypropylene each type of it has different usage and properties. Polyisobutene is use in construction industry to provide water prove in the construction. The chemical properties of this type of polymer, a high molecular weight, surface tension of 27 - 34mN /m which is make to be good resistance of…show more content…
This type of polymer has chemically and physically properties which is make it comfortable to use it in construction such as high resistant to most acid, excellent dielectric Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs is a type of gases which is use it in refrigerants, this type of gas in one of the mostly ozone destroyer because, chlorofluorocarbons it has long time life which is can be transported in to the upper of ozone layer which in known as stratosphere, when Chlorofluorocarbons reach stratosphere layer the Ultraviolet Radiation will release chlorine atom from chlorofluorocarbons then chlorine atom will attack ozone which is release oxygen atom then another free oxygen from stratosphere will attack ClO which is lead to release again chlorine atom and so on until it destroy but one atom of chlorine can destroy around thousands of ozone molecules. The SN2 is concerted reaction. That is, the SN2 is one step reaction, and both the nucleophile and substrate are involved in the rate determining step. Therefore the rate is dependent on both the concentration of substrate and that of the

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