The Importance Of Parent-Child Communication

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CHAPTER l Introduction Communication is the process wherein people have an exchange of information, emotions, and most important is meaning which requires the use of verbal and non-verbal messages, also known as face-to-face communication. It builds solid foundation because problems and misunderstandings are easily solved through interacting. Relationships develop in different ways and the main cause of strong relationships is through the use of Effective Communication. It has a significant role in maintaining strong and healthy families (Peterson, & Green, 2009). Nowadays, parents and their children have difficulties in having an open communication and making their relationships stronger. One of the hardest to communicate is sexuality. It…show more content…
Parent-child communication can improve nor develop the health and behavioral outcomes of the teenagers. Challenges included communication restrictions, shame, confusing message content, also, parental lack of knowledge and uncertainty (Crichton, Ibisomi, & Gyimah, 2012). HIV, AIDS and other sexual infection are massively increasing among teenagers both local and international in recent years. In preventing this kind of infection, parents play an important role, especially in their sexual health improvement. A fundamental part of this embraces effective parent-child sexuality communication (Yun et al., 2012). Teenagers that are knowledgeable about methods of contraception, pregnancy and STD prevention programs can support in encouraging communication among young partners before beginning of sexual intercourse. Also, programs should include the discussions between parents and teenagers, even when the topic is not about sex (Ryan et al., 2007). In the recent studies, parents and teenagers that communicate sexuality issues results safer sexual experiences (Namisi et al., 2013). Parent affirmation to their children; improve helpful and healthy attitudes about themselves. Though most adults want teenagers or youth to know more about the abstinence, contraception, and how to prevent sexual viruses like HIV and AIDS, most of the time parents are having trouble communicating about sex. So nevertheless, positive communication between parent and child is a big help to the young people to establish individual values and to make a healthy decision (Lagina, 2010). Perceptions of a child’s behaviors and comprehension are associated with the likelihood that communication occurs (Ballan, 2012). Parents who are participating in different communication orientation, experience improvement in different communication areas including the occurrence,
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