Smart Child Essay

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Ten things that Parents, who aimed at raising a clever child did in common Every parent, right when they take their child in their hand for the first time after their birth, do make an oath for themselves that they would not leave any stone unturned for making their child a smart, clever, and an intelligent one. However, most parents will not be aware of how they can raise a smart child and the steps they have to take towards this endeavour. Here are a few steps that explain why and how it can help you in raising a smart child. These steps are a few of them that were commonly taken by most of the parents, who were successfully in raising a smart child. They read with them and did not read to them Make the bed time story session an interactive…show more content…
Such small chores help them developing a sense of understanding that they are a core part of the family and their contribution towards the family and home is important. It’s also important for them to realize that the chores or tasks that they get involved in, helps the whole family in keeping the house and things clean, neat and organized. For example, asking them to help you in setting the table of dinner, and then cleaning the table after dinner, develops a sense of understanding towards cleanliness, and also the importance of contribution and participation and contribution as a part of a group for achieving a set of objectives. They talked to their children regularly Most of the busy parents might tend to miss out on this part. This is especially true with the parents, who follow a busy schedule of 9 hours work and 2 hours of travel. They, who hardly get time even for their basic needs, will obviously not find time to talk with their children. However, you have to realize that communication with your child is highly important in order to not only develop your child’s language and communication skills, but also to develop a bonding with them. Keeping aside at least 15 minutes in a day to ask him/her what happened at their school, what did they learn, did they make any new friends, and listening to their sweet talks, can help develop their communication skills and also help you in raising a smart
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