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MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the importance of lead testing: To enhance the health and well-being of the students by eradicating high lead levels, by educating all staff in the school and community on the importance of lead testing through evidence-based knowledge about why no level of lead is safe for a child’s entire body especially the brain. PROGRAM GOALS The goal is to ensure that each child receives a lead test in compliance with the state of New Jersey (N.J.A.C. 8:51A), and monitor that the lead levels is below 1ug/dL (one) each school year. PROGRAM OBJECTIVES To ensure a better educational outcome, school staff and parents will be able to understand why no amount of lead is safe in the blood (Miranda et al., 2013). • Train…show more content…
The superintendent will consider how to use financial resources entrusted to the district to achieve the best results for the district. • Principal or Assistant Principal – Over seer of the school and protects all children and staff. They are the authority to approve programs that is in the best interest of the school community. • Parent Teacher Association – They will provide support for the program and communication to parents verbally and written. This association sometimes provide monies to help with activities or supplies that might be needed. • Teachers – Collaborate with school nurse to understand lead levels and its effect on the student. The teacher will be able to provide improve education for the student to help to improve the student’s cognitive damage. • School Nurse – Keep track of the student’s health information along with the lead results. If there is any alarming levels starting from 1, this information will be shared with the social worker or psychologist for them to monitor student and provide any accommodation that is…show more content…
Partner with office to ensure that each child whose lead level is high is recalled back for a recheck in 3 months. • Parents – They will be a part of the training process for them to understand how lead can poison their children. The support by the parent’s will help this program become a success. Due to the diversity of the groups, such as Chinese, Indian, and Spanish various parents will volunteer to be interpreters. • Health Department Nurse – They receive the lead results that are over the CDC value into their database. This information is then used to visit the families of children whose lead results are above the CDC value. It will be important to work with them closely if there are children whose blood level is up to monitor how far they have gotten. Or to follow-up if you know of someone whose levels are up to see if they have visited that student’s family yet. • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) - The goal of this agency is to make sure that the environment is safe for generations to come (EPA, 2016). The website on lead gives several detail information about lead and lead poisoning. It gives a lot of helpful resources. They will be able to share great information to staff and

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