Explain The Policy Drivers That Influence Collaborative Practice And Working In Partnerships.

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his essay will discuss the policy drivers that influence collaborative practice covering inter-disciplinary practice and working in partnerships, also good practice and supporting children, young people and families through transitions and difficulties. The intrinsic links between the educational setting, services, agencies and the community help to improve the educational achievement, the heath and the social choices of children, young people and their families Cheminais 2009: 23)” Inter-disciplinary practice is a team approach for providing services and support to children, young people and families in the community. It supports shared decision making by valuing and respecting the contributions of each individual, families, and professionals ,this demonstrates shared leadership, accountability, and responsibility for individualised planning of services and supports to improve the quality of life for everyone and inclusive across communities which generates problem solving to meet the individual’s needs. Inter-disciplinary practice creates an integrated effort that exceeds the abilities and resources of all providers, such as agencies, family, or individuals.…show more content…
There are multiple drivers of collaborative practice, and these can be themed in two ways: responding to needs of local community, family, child, data, policy context, and service improvement and secondly financial viability, sustainability, enhancing individual service provision by connecting services particularly in small communities with limited services, working more efficiently and effectively, as more rural areas do not have the same provision as bigger cities this can impact on not only availability but time that can be allocated for multi-disciplinary meetings, as such this could be a negative factor and could cause delay in

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