The Importance Of Managing One's Identity

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Photos, comments, blogs, videos that people post on social media may reveal more than they imagine. Even though people should always be real, it is sometimes necessary to manage their identity on social media for their own safety because individuals might hurt others with their comments, helps people form exceptional relationships and finally, people should always look professional and respectful on their social media profiles. It is extremely meaningful that people manage their identities on social media since they might hurt others with their comments/posts. There are some people that are way too honest and do not realize that they might be hurting others with their posts. Some individuals post mean things on purpose, which…show more content…
It is always good to avoid these consequences and people can avoid them by managing their identity and being more thoughtful about people’s feelings. Managing one’s identity online also helps people form better relationships. “Identity may be constructed, transformed, and sustained by the textual nature of online interaction and the visual anonymity it affords” (Bowker and Tuffin, 2006). This quote states that people can hide some parts of their identity that they do not like and just show the parts that they like and still form good relationships. There was a research conducted in New Zealand, where 21 participants physically disabled volunteered to participate in an online interview. This study is trying to investigate how disabled individuals manage issues of deception and harm online (Bowker and Tuffin 2006). The result of this research was that disabled volunteers felt freer to interact with someone online because they were hiding their disabilities. They also learned the ways they can deal with the whole dilemma of being harmed online. This research clearly highlights that…show more content…
“A positive and strong online presence can play a tremendous part in the employer's first impression” (Zupek, 2009). This states that job seekers must have a clean social media/online profile. People should treat their profiles as their “hidden” resumes because their profiles tell more about the potential employee than the interview. It is also bad to be invisible on the internet because employers will wonder why they are not active on the internet. “We often manage our identity to get others-both those we know and strangers- to act the ways we want” (Adler and Proctor, 2010, p. 11). People manage identities to gain compliance with others. In this case, employees can manage their online profiles to look professional or dress in a certain way to get the employer to think good about them. It is really important for job seekers, doctors, lawyers, restaurants to have a professional and clean online profile because their profile is the key to success. Nowadays managing one’s identity online is vital. Everyone should manage their identity online because people can start cyberbullying others without realizing it, it helps

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