Civil War Argument Analysis

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It was one day while Anthony and I were driving down Lee’s Summit road waiting to turn right to get on the onramp of I-70. We had the windows rolled down, music blaring just having a good time while the wind ran wildly throughout our hair. The car that was behind us pulled up beside us, rolled down their window as well and started to say something. Anthony couldn’t understand them so he turned around to turn down the radio when he responded back to them, “Where you speaking to me and if so what were you saying?” The back seat passenger proceeded to say, “You think you’re cool flying your flags? What are you racist?” Anthony took a deep breath to keep his cool instead of saying or doing something that he would later regret. He hollered back at them and said, “What does it matter if I’m racist or not? It doesn’t involve you or your opinion.” The people in the other car glared at Anthony if though he hadn’t done anything wrong. We took off down the onramp proudly flying our confederate flags, they whipped widely…show more content…
It was born as stars and bars being a banner, while later on the Confederate commanders founded it as an alternative to become a battle flag. “The battle flag’s meaning is inextricably intertwined with the Confederacy itself and, thus, with the issues of slavery and states’ rights”, Coski cites. College campuses were the start to culture change with, “Dixiecrat” Parties. This was the protest of Democratic Parties, that lead the Confederate flag into becoming a symbol of protest to the Civil rights and supporter of Jim Crow segregation. While Coski presents that many American’s wish to “freeze” the battle flag’s context. He suggests we American’s must study the flag’s entire history in order to understand the history happening around us
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