The Importance Of Diversity In Sustainable Development

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of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura, and Executive Director of UNEP, Klaus Toepfer, acknowledged that reduced diversity in its cultural dimension may pose a threat to global stability, thus making the world along with its inhabitants increasingly vulnerable (UNEP, 2003). Indeed the absence of diversity will only nullify dynamism and meaningful interaction between different social groups, ultimately, resulting in social stagnancy and fragility. Cultural diversity also encourages global conversation in the struggle to build mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. This is particularly vital to support the peaceful and inclusive societies goals of sustainable development. In the face of social imbalance and inequality, intercultural dialogue bridges…show more content…
In 2007, UNESCO updated the 5C strategic objectives under the Budapest Declaration and added the element of “Community” alongside Capacity Building, Credibility, Conservation and Communication. The underlying reason is because successful management and conservation of a cultural heritage site requires meaningful involvement of the local community and reconciliation of conflicting interests (UNESCO, 2007a). Dialogues taking place in the process may promote social collaboration in order to enhance peaceful condition among the locals and interested stakeholders. On this note, it can be argued that community-driven initiatives in managing a world heritage site may similarly support the two notions reiterated under the sustainable development goals, advancement of peaceful and inclusive societies as well as promotion of inclusive human settlements. Activities related to community empowerment should be continuously urged since it becomes an indispensable part to reach these targets. As such, putting an investment, either in the financial or technical forms, in the conservation of a cultural heritage site through community development activities in a way is contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals

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