Persuasive Essay On Crito And Socrates

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Crito and Socrates The story happened in the prison cell when Socrates’s student, Crito, came to visit him and tried to help him escape from the prison before execution. However, Socrates refused the kindness because he believe his choice is standing on the justice and laws and there are adequate reasons to stay in prison. In order to persuade Socrates, they had a classic debate conversation about whether it is a wise choice to escape. Unfortunately Socrates was put to death, because Crito failed to convince him. However, the conversation between these two sages is really good for thought. Socrates provided 3 argument about why should him stay in prison: 1: He believed such a flight would indicate a fear of death, which he believed no true philosopher should has such fearness. So his opinion was, “the most important thing isn’t living, but living well,” he also explained, “For you who are outside the human probability of being about to die tomorrow, and you not being swayed by the present misfortune: consider then, does it not seem to be sufficiently argued to you, that not all the opinions of people should be honored, but some…show more content…
His words will become more valuable and convincing because he is the one experienced the dark period in Greek. Dying for show himself as a true follower of justice is not a good idea at all. Socrates indeed did his own work and was just, but this does not address justice in an unjust city where one’s own work might be considered to be unjust. After he died, the government bound to mislead the masses. When people become aware of his story from villain, Socrates’ death will become worthless, but pity. 3. Social contract can be right or wrong, when people follow the twisted sense of social value, this behavior is what we called blind loyalty. As a part of Greek citizen, it’s their duty to help his country build up a better social contact. Escaping for trying to make his country a better place someday is the true loyalty for his

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