The Importance Of Love In India

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day in the month which enfolds the Valentine’s day .Some Indians follow the West and like to celebrate this day in the way it is done abroad without realizing that it is a mere commercialization of a beautiful emotion called love which unites two different human zones –the male and the female into a divine union. Indian civilization has always been such a one in which love has been like the fragrance of musk .Be it the beautiful carvings at the temple of Khajuraho or Kamrupa ,be it the love between Dhritarashtra and Gandhari or Mira’s love for her Krishna or Rati and Kamdev love has been worshipped in all its forms in this country .We have respected love from times immemorial .Indians are one of the best businessmen in the world but…show more content…
The story of Panchaali begins with her birth in a ‘ ‘yagya’’ performed by her father King Drupad ,one of the richest Kings of Bharata .She ,along with her brother Dhristadyumna emerge out of a sacrificial fire to avenge King Drupad’s humiliation at the hands of Drona who had taken the help of the Kauravas, Arjun and the army of Hastinapur to defeat King Drupad .Dhristadymna and Panchaali are tools waiting to be used and the opportunity arrives in the form of Panchaali’s ‘‘swayamvar’’. Although, ‘‘swayamvar’’ is a form of wedding ceremony in which the bride gets to choose her husband, Panchaali is offered as a bride to the person who is able to shoot five arrows in the eye of a fish with the help of the Kindhara bow. This is a condition that will help King Drupad in bringing about a marital alliance between the Arjun and Panchaali and thus move Arjun to a non –aligned position enabling King Drupad to wreak vengeance against Drona with only few strong opponents. But Panchaali is already smitten with Karna , whose portrait she had seen earlier while being shown Duryodhan’s portrait who is a…show more content…
Thus, when his mother Kunti, asks the brothers to share whatever they had got equally among themselves, Panchaali ends up belonging to all five Pandavas .This leaves Arjun embittered. His anger is misdirected at Panchaali because he does not feel comfortable being angry with his mother or brothers. Before the newly –wed couple could fall in love they fall apart .After the ‘swayamvar’ it is decided that to avoid disagreements among brothers that Panchaali would spend a year with each husband of hers and this rule is something that they would follow all their lives

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