Importance Of Love In My Life

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It was a night that I will always remember. It brings me great joy and gives me deep pride. It is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced in my life. It was and still is a moment that I look back on and reminisce. It all started when I was working for a private company at Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino. I worked in the casino department as a Casino Dealer. I have played basketball tournaments in high school and in government leagues, but none of them compared when playing in a Tinian Dynasty Inter-Department Basketball Tournament. It was a popular event that happens every year between different departments of the company. I was just in time to join the tournament, and playing with my casino department basketball team was a moment I will never forget. Even though my teammates and I lost in our Championship game, there was one game where we all felt like true Champions. I like playing basketball very much, but when working at Tinian Dynasty, I never met so many people that admire the sport more than I do. From all the spectators, to our casino fans, and supporters of the other teams, they all really enjoyed watching and cheering the games played. Seeing how fans get crazy and loud on television in sporting events, the fans here in Tinian Dynasty are just as wild as they are. Basketball is a very popular sport for them and so it is for our General Manager of the company. I worked in a company where majority of the…show more content…
It was a feeling like playing on a professional level of basketball in the NBA. Everyone else as well who witnessed the night of our comeback victory was amazed. From then on, all I could ever think of was how I just reacted without even thinking about what to do during that last eleven seconds. Just never giving up was my mentality that I stuck with. Time was short that happened fast, but felt long. I was in a time zone where I will always remember the moment that felt

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