Honor Killing In Pakistan

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A study done in 2000 by the United Nations estimated that there are 5,000 honor killings every year (Chesler 1). Honor killings in Pakistan have happened for many years, and there’s been an increase in these types of murders between 1989 and 2009 (Chesler 2). The first solution to this problem is for the media to be more expressive about honor killings and for artists to create art that showcases honor killings (Chaudry 2). The second solution is for there to be more safe haven shelters for women that are in dangerous situations (Critelli 2). The third solution is for the police in Pakistan to meet with tribal communities and discuss laws and regulations with them (Chaudry 2). The fourth solution to reduce honor killings is for the Pakistani…show more content…
This shows the impact honor has on women’s safety and how it influences rates of women being murdered. Honor killing have become so common in Pakistan that their media briefly mentions cases of honor killings (Zahra-Malik 1). Honor killings have become so commonplace even though women are being murdered at extreme rates. Communities in countries that have many instances of honor killings allows these murderers to happen and protect the perpetrators of honor crimes (Chaudry 3). The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) revealed a statistic: “In nearly half of honor killings cases, the crime is not even registered” (Chaudry 3). The first causes of honor killings happened in 1979, when ex-dictator Gen Zia ul-Hag established the Zina Ordinance, which made fornication and infidelity punishable by stoning to death (Mustikhan 3). This law being passed resulted in a case in which a woman was killed by her brother, for eloping with a man, despite being guarded at the time (Mustikhan 3). One of Pakistan’s laws allowed murderers to be pardoned by the victims’ relatives from serving a sentence for the murder (Zahra-Malik 2). This allowed people to kill, even if their intentions for the murder wasn’t because the victim was considered “dishonorable”, and not serve a sentence in prison (Nalia

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