The Importance Of Love In The Damned

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An individual’s judgment, ability, and competency is often blinded by the obscure attitudes of leaders and surrounding opinions of the mass population. Equality 7-2521, later Prometheus, reflects on the way others see him by saying “We are one of the damned” (80). Yet, later in the narrative Equality remembers the accusation of being “Damned” (80) and he laughs. The irony denotes a mood of amusement, as Equality realizes that everything that has occurred thus far is a benediction and not a curse, as it may be thought by those members of the previous society to which he belonged. Prometheus never feels happier than in that moment when he laughs and he understands he is now free to do as he pleases and think without restraints. He is able to…show more content…
Equality’s wit is justified, as he has been blessed, acquitted, and enlightened. Love, considered to be the essential affection for another individual was off limits in the previous society to which Equality belonged. Under the Transgression of Preference, no individual is to prefer any man over another, and the lack of variety found in liking everyone and everything the same is considered by those unaware, a condition that is tolerable. “The Damned,” not so doomed, experiences love and is ultimately followed by his lover, Liberty 5-3000, to the far lands deep in the Uncharted Forest. Equality is not the one at a disadvantage, and that is why he laughs and mocks his oxymoronic damned serendipity. The feelings towards Liberty that may have been thought to have guided him to his doom, in reality guided him in a path of disclosure to that emotion that had not been experienced by man. He experiences that which does not cross the others’ minds and he feels without regret, the joy and bliss of falling in love. He is the one to triumph and joyfully go through what the others see as impossible. He is not the
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