The Importance Of True Love

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Time! Time is important, not only in one’s daily life but also, in relationships. If a relationship lasts for a long time, it is considered to be a good one; and when individuals invest their time to build a relationship, yes, they last forever. It is a human tendency to start judging relationships with regard to time. But, when one finds that someone special, who captures the heart at first sight, he cannot wait for time to revolve frequently in watch (what is he trying to say?). True love is the product of deep affection and healthy understanding. In Avinash’s case it was no different. He thought, When my heart whispers: Yes, she is the One I could love till my last breath, and desperately want her in my life till eighty, that is the right choice of a life partner.. Love is not glitzy. When love strikes at heart and ensnares it, the lover does not care if he has seen his beloved before she applied coats of make up to hide her pimpled face beneath it; in the eyes of her lover, she is beautiful the way she is. He only has eyes for her and the rest of the girls fail to find a place in your heart, or, even catch his eyes even if they are provocatively dressed in short…show more content…
My God, don’t say,” she put her hand over his mouth. pulling herself to him. She realised her closeness, and bashfully rested on his chest, lowered her eyes, confessed her love and kissed him on his cheeks. She spun her wide eyes on him, and her lips were whispering many promises in her ears. Her hair was brushing his chest. He tucked her hair back, and ran his fingers over the back of her body. She pressed her crimson lips against his. Her pulse quickened, chased by full body chills. They exchanged a glance and grimaced. He kissed her nape passionately, she grasped for breath. Every inch of her skin was making him wild. He had no control on himself. It was a feeling that could not be explained in words. The excitement was sufficient to hide all her moan. They were screaming in
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