The Importance Of Living In Poverty

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I come from a family of less fortune. Throughout my life I have experienced both sides of life at just a young age. I am not talking about politics or race. I am talking about what it means to live in poverty and what it means to not live in such conditions. Throughout my life I have always had to run around barriers. I have learned that you can either run straight into them or go around them. Living both sides of life, I have learned to respect and look at people, not by what they have or their status, but more about who they really are. A lot of people tell me, “What are you doing around those types of people?” You want to know what I tell them? I say, “What do you mean ‘those types of people?’ These people are capable of the same things as you, everyone is on an equal playing field.” It is all about how you go about life; we all are the same inside. The first eight years of my life went well, my parents continued to grow their revenue together and money was not much of a problem. A couple months after my eighth birthday, my mothers past came back to haunt her. Her ex boyfriend, who is…show more content…
I found myself stuck; I desperately needed help to get a car. I reached out to my sister; luckily she was there to help my brother and me. She helped us learn how to drive and sacrificed her time to help us get licenses, vehicles, and insurance. Of course I still paid for everything, but she enabled us to flourish. Later after getting my vehicle I was laid off from my job. Being 18, in school, and getting laid off was tough, because I do not have much help at home. Since I lost my job I have done everything I possibly can to get back on my feet. I applied for more than twenty jobs and I attend a federally funded youth program that aids with helping young people get careers and jobs. This program was made to help people with barriers like

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