Income Inequality Case Study

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Introduction I need to provide my opinion on income inequality is United States. In addition, I also need to describe the cause of income inequality in regard to Malaysia with real example and in general provide 3 importance of the income inequality to community organizer. Question 1 (A) As referred to the case study, the income inequality is increasing in the United States because of the high education, skilled and experienced people is getting high wages, but the low educated people is getting low wages. If affected because of changes in labour market such as manual industries changes to the technical industries, will lead the industries need more high educated people than low educated people .Therefore, the demand of high educated people…show more content…
If the opposite occur with non skilled people who could not have access education, the excess supply will drive the wages to even lower level.(Charles –Coll,2011 pp.17-28) In Malaysia, the people were educated at the English –medium schools tended to gain position in the civil services ,commerce, business and professional .Since most of the Malays were educated in the rural malay medium school, this indirectly limited their upward social mobility.(Roslan, n.d) As shown in Appendix 2, the high rate of poverty occurred on poor household mostly in no education level and no…show more content…
For the poor household, they would have less money to save or make investment. Therefore, their wealth is remaining low by put their money in bank with low interest. This phenomenon will cause the decrease in average investment in country and pull down the economic growth in long run. (Tian,2012) Support the authorities attempting to secure Community organizer need to understand the income inequality to support trade union to ensure the better paying and job secure. Job security is an indispensable right of an employee which guarantees that the employee and their family will not be deprived of their income and maintains standard of living.(Senol,2011,pp.35)For example, technology changes could affect the wages between high skill worker and low skill worker.(Charles-coll,2011) Therefore, they need give the support to ensure the benefit of the worker. Inhibit the

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