Persuasive Essay On Poverty

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When you’re driving past a homeless person and you see them struggling, do you ever wonder what they go through on a daily basis? An abundant amount of wealthy citizens think that the homeless choose this lifestyle, when the truth is, not all of them did. A handful of them did have a stable household and did not have to worry about being behind on bills. Unfortunately, groups of citizens have lost their jobs and are not able to find new jobs in time. Do you ever think or wonder if any of them have kids? Because many of them do. The Government of all countries needs to find a way to decrease the rate of poverty to insure that those suffering in life have a chance to have a healthy and stable life, not only for themselves but for their innocent children. When upper class hear the word poverty, right away they think homeless and no money. But that is not what it is, poverty…show more content…
As a result, in the global context, a few get wealthy while the majority struggle”(“Causes of Poverty”). Even if we voice our opinions, our voices are not always loud enough. We need to all come together so that all governments can hear us all together and fix the problem. We as a community cannot make a drastic change in the world if we do not have the help of the government. Due to their low incomes they cannot keep up with their health, hunger, and education. Most of the people living on the streets feel it is easier because they can sell drugs and get money fast than to get a job and get paid every two weeks. They feel living the crime life is better and easier than having to pay bills. They would rather risk their lives than to go get a job. While on the other hand, more than 50% of the poverty population want to try to get a job but cannot because they do not meet the standards. If a child is born in a poor family, there is a higher possibility that they will start committing crimes at a young
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