Poverty In India

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Introduction Determents of poverty: There are several factors which cause the incidence of poverty and of some of which have greater impact on the magnitude and perpetuation of poverty. For example the growth rate of population ,growth rate of per capita income which in turn in affected by the growth rate of Gross National Income and that of population growth rate. In addition, the educational Development Index is also factors which determine the poverty ratio . A number of issues characterizing the poverty Structural. Poverty is phenomenon rooted in the basic relation of institutional and collective power (i.e political, economic, and cultural) that make-up a society at a particular point in time; Systematic Poverty is a process and an outcome…show more content…
Poverty may also be understood as an aspect of unequal social status and inequitable social relationships, experienced as social exclusion, dependency, and diminished capacity to participate or to develop meaningful connections with other people in society. This is of considerable relevance to the Indian situation, as caste and social status considerations had acted as serious impediments in the country…show more content…
From the year 199-1994, its scope has been extended to cover Non- Scheduled castes and scheduled tribe’s rural poor subject to the condition that the benefits to Non Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes should not exceed 40 percent of the total allocation. From 1995-96 the benefits of the scheme have also been extended to families of servicemen of the armed and paramilitary forces killed in action. Three percent of the houses are reserved for the disabled persons below poverty line living in rural areas. The allotment of house under the scheme is done in the name of the female f the beneficiary household .Alternatively it can be allotted in joint name of both the husband and wife .The beneficiaries are to be involved from the very beginning in construction work and have to make own arrangemts for construction to suit their requirements

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