Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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Euthanasia Do you understand the meaning of euthanasia? Euthanasia is making the patient's life or death as an act of good faith and with a willingness of physicians, patients and relatives. In order to keep the patient suffering from a condition that cannot maintain or restore the body is unable to return to the original. The euthanasia was divided into two approaches. There are doctors inject or give medication to keep the patient away peacefully without pain or suffering and let the patient leave peacefully without giving any additional medication or treatment. Euthanasia is both people and animals. There are many advantages and disadvantages. To live of a life may be both painful and painless in each life. Which euthanasia may be a painful…show more content…
The decision to accept voluntary death. I do not see how bad it is. Perhaps it is better to live slowly die from inside or to suffer all the pain of the lover. Jame C. (2015) said that freedom of religion, speech or association mean that we can think, say or be with whomever we want; no one, especially not the government, can interfere. Flow phychology (2015) said that the freedom to choose nobody wants to be at the mercy of anybody else, especially not a disease or sickness that has controlled your life for so long. The biggest benefit of euthanasia is simply having a choice. It puts people back in control of their own life, when it matters the most. This gives people a great sense of peace and hope for their family. Phaisarn Visalo monk said that the euthanasia suggest that living one's life is valuable enough to hold it. We see that life is valuable as long as we have breath. Many patients live long lives and are worth living. Flow phychology (2015) said that Devalues Human Lives by allowing our doctors to actively “kill” people, they will begin to see euthanasia as a solution and it will begin to be misused. This also gives the impression to other places and young children that the human life has a lesser

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